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Q. Where are Regional held this year?

A: Louisville, KY.  Nov. 13th thru 15th

Q: Where can I find the schedule, game scores and standing?

A: Download the Zorts Sports app on your Phone and everything will be at your finger tips!!

Q: Where will the state championship be held?

A: Columbia, Mo. Nov. 6th thru 8th.

Q: When does the season start?

A: Due to COVID 19 the first game has been pushed back to Sept. 5th and the season will end Oct. 25th (Super Bowl).

Q: When will certification be?

A: Due to COVID we will be scheduling appointments with each individual organization.  We will come to each organizations site to certify the books.

Q: When is the age cutoff date?

A: July 31st.

Q: When is Nationals?

A: Dec. 5th thru 12th Destin, FL

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